VBS 2024 - June 17th - 20th

Kids will dive into the summer fun and be challenged as they discover that God’s truth never changes, everyone needs Jesus, and how to speak the truth in love. Adventure awaits each day as kids explore and learn that God’s truth stands up against even the mightiest waves!

Get to know us! 

Our mission is to equip the children at our church with a growing faith in
Jesus Christ and a heart to share His love with others. By partnering with parents,
we want to help children build a solid foundation for their faith by teaching them
 about the greatness of God and the
life-changing love of Christ—no matter how old they are!
It's our hope that children will not only grasp the message of God's love for themselves,
 but understand how important it is to share that message with those around them.
 We provide a safe, secure, and fun environment for your children to learn about Jesus and grow in their faith!

Nursery + Preschool

On Sundays, our preschool kids meet downstairs in the Kid's Town building.  
We have a check-in system to provide security
for your child while they enjoy age-appropriate
activities to learn about God and his
Word  during both the morning worship time and small group time.

On Wednesdays, your preschooler will experience fun games, Bible lessons, and worship songs designed to help kids love God and others!


On Sundays, children in K-3rd grade are invited
 to go to Kid's Worship at 9:50am.  
Check In and Pick Up happens on the top
floor of our Kid's Town building.  Children in 4th-5th grades
 worship with their parents at 9:50am and then
go to their small group at 11:00am upstairs in Kid's Town.
 Our kids worship and small group times walk them
through the entire Bible helping them learn about
the greatness and goodness of God through His Word!

On Wednesday, kids meet in the gym of the Family Life
Center and experience a mixture of Bible study,
scripture memorization, and high energy games.
Kids get to enjoy their time at church while learning
 about the life of Jesus and His love for them!

Journey Kids Parent Resources

We want to equip every parent to talk with their kids each week about what they are learning in church.
These conversation starters and talking points will help you disciple your child and connect what happens at church to what happens in your home.

Ministry to Parents

We believe that the most important influence in a child’s spiritual life is their parents so Journey Kids has partnered with Ministry to Parents to provide you with FREE parenting tools and resources each month. Just click the link below for new resources each month that include a short parenting class video along with a downloadable resource to help you invest in the spiritual life of your kids. You’ll also find Family Experiences, a resource for you to lead your kids in different spiritual milestone experiences from birth-5th grade. Please let our Journey Kids Staff Team know if you have any questions along the way. We are here for you!

Sunday Morning Schedule 

Nursery + Preschool 


9:50 AM - Downstairs Kid's Town

11:00 AM - Downstairs Kid's Town

9:50 AM - K-3rd grade Upstairs Kid's Town

      4-5th grade Main Service (Sanctuary or Bridge)

11:00 AM -K-5th grade Upstairs Kid's Town

Wednesday Night Schedule 

Nursery + Preschool 


6:15 PM - Downstairs Kid's Town

6:15 PM - Gym in the Family Life Center

Journey Kids Team 

Brandt Akin  ||  Family and Missions Pastor  ||  Brandt@fbclavonia.org

Amy Moss  ||  Preschool Director  ||  Mossy30553@yahoo.com